Saturday, April 5, 2014

Santorini Sunrise

When you grow up watching as many movies as I did, you naturally become very attracted to travel. I had to see the London of James Bond and Mary Poppins, the Paris of Funny Face and Gigi — But even more than London and Paris, I was drawn to the lush, sexy, and sometimes mystery-veiled Greek islands!!

Coincidentally, two of my favorite Greece-set movies were filmed in 1964: The Anthony Quinn tour-de-force Zorba the Greek and the lighter, certainly lesser-known Disney picture The Moon-Spinners, starring Hayley Mills. I picture the stars of the silver screen lounging between takes snacking on mezze, the salty sea breeze blowing through their hair all the while. Maybe they'd be sipping on a cocktail like this one: a Santorini Sunrise, a Mediterranean re- imagining of the classic tequila drink that's served at New York's terrific Greek restaurants, whose retro colours call to mind the luminous pink-orange flame of the Greek sun, as seen on screen in glorious Technicolor.


2 slices pink grapefruit, quartered (8 total pieces)
4 mint leaves, plus more for garnish
2 tsp. honey (Greek honey, if available)
2 oz. pink grapefruit-infused vodka (see note)
3 oz. freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 oz. Campari


In a highball glass, muddle seven of the quartered grapefruit slices together with mint and honey. Fill with ice; add vodka, juice, and Campari and stir. Garnish with remaining quarter slice of grapefruit and additional mint leaves.
by Kelly Evans

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