Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are very interested in having “foodie” experiences. What can you arrange for us?
Aegean Flavours disposes several culinary programs in Greece! We make you experience authentic local cuisine at private homes and restaurants. You take cooking lessons from a gourmet chef Wine and olive oil tours are also mentioned in the programs. Visit our website and you will find out what we do. In case you wish to tailor make your gastronomic experience we can certainly do it for you.
Q: In case we do not wish to have a food and wine vacation, would it be possible for Aegean Flavours to accommodate our different wishes for a holiday in Greece?
A: We absolutely can!We have the expertise to offer quality holidays designing packages other than gastronomy. 
Q: What areas of Greece do you cover?
We cover most southern regions but our company mainly has  many suggestions for any traveler who wishes to travel in Athens, the islands of the Saronic Gulf, the region of Argolis and the islands of Mykons, Santorini and Crete.
Q: Is Aegean Flavours a travel agency?
Aegean Flavours is an independent fully licensed tour operator. We arrange comprehensive food and wine tours that include hotels, sightseeing with private guides and/or drivers, airport and port transfers.
Q: Is airfare included in the price of your tours?
Flights are not included in our tour prices
Q: Are meals included in your tours?
Breakfast is generally included each day. Some meals are included, especially the ones after a cooking class but we prefer to keep also some lunches and dinners free to allow travelers to see how they feel each day and what type of Greek dish they desire. We make advance restaurant reservations when requested, and we provide detailed lists of recommended restaurants in each location. 
Q: I had a look at your site and I discovered that you only do packages for groups between 2 to 8 persons. Very personalised groups. I belong to a Greek cooking association in Vienna Austria and I would like to follow your culinary program coming with all the members of the association who are around 41. Am I asking too much?
A: No it is alright. Our pecific gastronomic programs can only have from 2-12 participants indeed. But we can make a new tailor made itinerary for your large group still based on quality culinary moments. We have really good cooks, guides and helpful hotel staff so that we can offer tremendous service even for a big number of participants as long as the program gets modified.
Q: Your itineraries look amazing. Is it possible to make changes to the itineraries?
A: Yes, our specialty is customized travel. We are happy to modify any of the tours on our website, or to start from scratch and custom-design a new tour altogether.
Q: We have our own hotels and only need a day or two of private touring. Can you assist?
Aegean Flavours can arrange private tours that are inclusive of comprehensive services (accommodation, private touring, and private transfers). A minimum tour length does apply and varies by destination.
Q: I am considering one of your tours. What's next?
Please contact us by telephone, e-mail once you are considering a trip. At that point, we can answer any questions regarding your wishes. Then we tell you how the reservation proceeds ahead.
Q: How far in advance should I book my trip?
This depends how far in advance you prefer to plan. We book last-minute trips all the time, and we also arrange tours that are planned years in advance. Major considerations are visa requirements, holiday and festival availability, and seasonal demand.
Q: Are visas arranged by Aegean Flavours?
Visa requirements vary by country, and many of our destinations require tourist visas to be obtained in advance. We do not arrange your visa.
Q: What is travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance?
We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance. If you do not have travel insurance and you cannot take or complete your tour for any reason, you stand to lose the entire amount you’ve paid for your trip. Travel insurance offers protection against such circumstances, including trip cancellations, interruptions and delays, baggage loss and delays, medical emergencies and other problems. Medical evacuation plans offer additional protection: in the event of an emergency, our recommended affiliate will fly you on their ICU-equipped aircraft to the hospital of your choice.
Q: What types of vehicles do you use?
We always provide the best available vehicles in each region: safe, comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned. For families or for larger groups of friends traveling together, we provide luxury mini-vans or coaches.
Q: Is it possible to have touring that focuses on our specific interests?
Whether you are interested in art, architecture, history, food and wine, family-friendly activities, shopping or romance, we will arrange for you to have personalized touring with appropriate experts who will emphasize your interests.
Q: What is there to do during ‘leisure time’?
Our clients are savvy, sophisticated travelers who want the convenience of guides and our expertise, but want independence as well. There are plenty of things to do when you are not touring with your guide. We can provide you with other options for sightseeing or you can enjoy hotels’ facilities, such as pools and spas and, when available, beaches and gardens.
Q: Can you make dinner reservations for us?
We provide our clients with extensive restaurant recommendations and are happy to make advance dinner reservations. From haute Mediterranean cuisine to local favorites to traditional dinners in private Greek homes, we know all the best places to have a variety of dining experiences.
Q: I will be traveling with children. Are your destinations suitable for any age?
Family travel is one of our specialties.
Q: I’m not interested in doing anything touristy. Can you take me to places that are “off the beaten track”?
We and our travel experts pride ourselves in having the expert knowledge to take you to places that are not frequented by many tourists visiting, for example, local food markets and quiet villages in Greece. 
Q: I love to travel and want to apply for a position at your company. How do I do so?
Our company is growing and we are always looking for new additions to our French office. If you have traveled extensively and feel that your travel philosophy and experience is consistent with ours, please submit a detailed resume and personal travel history to

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