Friday, September 7, 2012

Aegean Flavours Welcome Note

Welcome to Aegean Flavours.

Our company is a small and independent tour operator which drills below creativity and relaxation. What we do is practically showing you Greece in such a way that  there is the possibility of more holiday action by contacting the communities, the Greek traditions and the environment.

With our culinary and gourmet tours guests can discover the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and the joys of cooking delicious Greek dishes. Aegean Flavours has been designed for people who love and appreciate good food and wine, they are friendly and informal, including hands-on cooking lessons, excursions, visits and tastings. You will find yourself being instructed by several local cooks learning a wide range of recipies for one week. The lessons are not instensive and take place in several cozzy places!

We purchase local foods in-season eliminating the environmental damage caused by shipping foods thousands of miles. So our food euro goes directly to the fisherman or farmer, and our guests will be able to enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Buying seasonal products also provides an exciting opportunity to try new foods and to experiment with seasonal recipes. And it simply tastes better!

There will also be plenty of time to spend acquainting yourself with our lovely part of Greece, chilling out by the pool, or swimming in the Greek sea, or simply reading that novel you've been promising yourself. In other words, having a bit of "me" time! Of course, we also provide olive events and tours to nice traditional Greek villages as well as guided tours to museums and ancient theatres.
We are English and French speaking and our prices include everything you'll need on a residential cooking holiday - all you have to do is get here in Greece. And because of the proliferation of cheap flights, your cooking holiday in Greece represents great value for money.
See you soon,
Emmanuelle Bougue


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