Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Food Philosophy for Us

Socrates once said, “The unexplored life is not worth living.” Well, that’s been my motto not only about life but about what sustains our life…food and nutrition.

 Through extensive travels, research and countless discussions with professional chefs and restaurateurs, I have compiled considerable knowledge about food and as it relates to nutrition and the art of dining pleasure. I created Aegean Flavours to share with travellers all that I have learned because I believe that the key is in educating ourselves and others.Food is one of life's greatest joys yet we've reached this really sad point where we're turning food into an enemy, and something to be afraid of.

In today's world of refrigeration and hothouse-grown production, the distinction among seasonal products is often lost. However, each fruit, vegetable, and herb does have a season when it is ripe and ready to eat without the help of anyone except Mother Nature - better from both a nutritional and taste perspective. In Greece, these are the seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs we see in our farmer's markets. Different varieties may be available at different times.This is the secret of good cooking.Moreover, I believe in raising, growing and preparing our foods through traditional methods – as they would have been raised, grown and prepared prior to the industrialization of agriculture. By following the methods that nourished our evolution, we optimize the nutrients they contain.

Sustainable agriculture is my passion. I believe that farmers should be fairly compensated for their work. When I spend my money locally,here in Poros zone, and purchase farm-direct, I ensure that the agricultural roots of my community are well-fed and that the farmers, themselves, not giants of the agricultural industry or middlemen, profit from their hard work – tilling the fields, harvesting crops and raising animals properly. By connecting directly with food producers, I can ensure that the food with which I nourish my family is not only safe, but grown and raised under as close to optimal standards as possible.

To me, food, life and celebration of living are in direct connection with each other. My intimate exposure to the Mediterranean cuisine has only encouraged me gain deeper insight and higher appreciation for the benefits of the foods that are simple, real and fresh.

Emmanuelle Bougue
Aegean Flavours

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